The next scheduled events dedicated to the analysis and perspectives of major transport, energy and environment policy choices (national and European) and aimed at deepening existing commercial and industrial opportunities, development prospects and possible new solutions.

The European Green Deal focuses on natural gas in all its possible uses as a substitute for more polluting energy sources in the perspective of its own evolution from fossil to renewable and a forerunner to the use of synthetic gases, hydrogen and other possible evolutions.

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19-20 November 2020


LNG in the Euro-Mediterranean corridor and the role of the logistic system of Genoa and Liguria


Theme: the Port of Genoa, the Metropolitan City and the Liguria Region are developing a project in the LNG sector that must be supported by international comparison and with ports of equal importance. The Ligurian geographical area is a natural “bridge” for low environmental impact logistics of connections between the Mediterranean, Central and Northern Europe and vice versa.

Date: 19-20 November 2020

Venue: Palazzo Doria Spinola, Sala del Consiglio Metropolitano – Genova

Duration: two days

Stakeholders: international and national institutions, shipowning and industrial companies in the sector, energy system operators, land transport companies, suppliers of energy goods and services, independent experts and industry associations.

Participation: free of charge upon registration.



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