Organized by the Italian Embassy in Egypt in collaboration with ConferenceGNL and the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) (ITA), a workshop was held in Cairo recently to present the activities and skills of Italian companies active in the natural gas sector to their Egyptian counterparts and likewise by local businesses.

The works were introduced by institutional interventions and framework reports which were followed by the presentations of the companies accompanied by questions and insights.

At the end of the presentations, a session of direct meetings was held between the participants with the aim of encouraging possible entrepreneurial collaborations in which the Egyptian companies ENPPI, GASTEC, AMAPETCO, EGYOIL, EGYPT OIL & GAS, EPCO ENGENEERING, FRIENERGY, INTEGRATED GENERATION PETROLEUM participated. SERVICE, PETROLEUM MARINE SERVICE CO, PICO ENERGY, QARUN PETROLEUM COMPANY, ROSETTA ENERGY.

The Italian and Egyptian representatives shared the use of natural gas as the main source of energy capable of accompanying the transition to new sources with increasingly lower environmental and climatic impact in the coming decades. From the meeting, the concrete possibility of cooperation in traditional activities emerged, for the production of electricity and heat for industries, but also for other direct uses of natural gas, liquid and compressed, in land and sea transport and in the methanisation of areas not reachable from gas pipelines.

In the background of the meeting, the possibility for Egypt to become an important source of natural gas supply for Italy and Europe to contribute to the solution of the continuing gas supply crisis. To this end, in the same days of the meeting, the European Union and Egypt signed a collaboration commitment that provides for a significant increase in exports of liquid natural gas to Europe from the two liquefaction plants already active in the country, one of which managed in collaboration with the Italian ENI.

At the end of July the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) and Leth Suez Transit (LETH) announced a project for shipping and refueling of LNG, to create a strategic hub for bunkering in the Suez Canal by 2025. The project plans to build two refueling infrastructures for ships using LNG as fuel in Suez and Port Said.

As part of the energy transition process, during the event the role of Egypt was also recalled in the holding of the next UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP 27) which will take place in November in Sharm El-Sheikh, where the most pressing issues for the energy transition will be discussed.

Below are the links to the reports and interventions carried out by the participants, in front of a selected audience of over 150 attendees, from public institutions, Italian and Egyptian operators, after the greetings brought by:

H.E. Michele Quaroni, Ambassador of the Italian Republic to Egypt

H.E. Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of the Arab Republic of Egypt (video “minister salutation”)

Eng. Mohamed Ismail El Mahs, Advisor of H.E Mohamed Ahmed Morsi, Minister of Military Production of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Introductory reports:

Eng. Ahmed Mahmoud, Chairman for Planning and Projects EGAS

Dr. Claudia Checchi, MBS Consulting - Market, infrastructure and prospects in the Mediterranean

Capt. Fawzy Dekinesh, Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transportation AASTMT - Logistics of gas tankers

Prof. Sergio Garribba, Consultant of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, President of the scientific committee of ConferenzaGNL

First session: Development of natural gas and LNG as a primary energy source for internal purposes and at the international level.

DNLG – Damietta LNG overviev presentation

RINA – Security of Gas Supply – the Added Value of the LNG Chain

A2A – The Role of Natural Gas in the Energy Transition

TURBODEN – Turboden Technologies for the Oil&Gas Sector

SAIPEM – Our Vision Towards a Low-Carbon Future

Second session: Logistical developments and technological innovation in LNG and management of distribution networks. Towards new synthetic gases and hydrogen.

HIGAS - LNG Storage Terminal

SIAD MACCHINE E IMPIANTI - The SIAD Group solutions for the LNG Industry

DRILLMEC - Global Energy Transition: A Historical Growth Opportunity through Diversification

GS Industria – Biogas/Biomethane Production, Filtering and Utilization

Third session: CNG and LNG in light and heavy transportation.  LNG and H2 for heavy-duty vehicles and direct applications.


IVECO GROUP - Decarbonization of Road Transport

NGV - History of CNG in Egypt

FORNOVOGAS – Company Presentation to Egypt

LANDIRENZO GROUP – Natural Gas for the Energy Transition

GASTEC - CNG Adoption Activities in Egypt

PEGORARO GAS - NG&CNG Plants and Solution for Virtual Pipeline