Strike in Fos, first break to LNG supply in Italy, sector at stake

As reported by local TV "EliveBrescia" since last Saturday, the Chiarelli service station in via Borgosatollo, at the entrance of the A4 and A21 motorways, Brescia-Center, had to stop delivering LNG for trucks.

As far as we know, it is the first direct consequence in Italy of the strikes that have been going on for weeks in France, involving LNG loading buoys for tankers at the Fos regasification plant in Marseille where over 90% of Italian importers from both the road and industrial sectors are supplied.

Knowledge of the dates of the strikes has so far made it possible to cope with the situation with other sources of supply, even if much more expensive and difficult (Barcelona, Portugal, Northern Europe), complicating quite a bit the activity of the LNG sector in Italy.

Chiarelli, the owner of the plant, told Brescia television: "All the supply trucks are blocked in France because of the strike. This is not being talked about, but very soon there will also be supermarket chains that will start having problems in the arrival of raw materials as they are supplied by means of transport that use only liquid methane".

The critical situation was also reported by Staffetta Quotidiana last Friday, because due to the continuation of the strike, which could last four more days, even the active importers from Northern Europe are in difficulty. The entire sector is at risk because of the bottleneck in Marseille and the impossibility of being able to obtain supplies directly in Italy, as ConferenzaGNL has been reporting for years now.

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