Shell grows in LNG and bioGNL and returns to Italy

Last February, Shell announced its return to fuel distribution in Italy, after exiting it in 2014. The return is the result of a Retail Brand License agreement with PAD Multienergy, a leading company in the distribution and marketing of fuels controlled by Goldengas and Brixia, which have over 500 service stations that will be able to use Shell's yellow shell.

In addition to the traditional fuels offered by Shell, the agreement provides for the introduction on the network of new low-emission fuels, such as LNG for trucks, L-CNG for cars and biofuels, as well as charging points for electric vehicles, with the aim to offer customers all the fuels available today.

The inauguration of the first Shell branded store is expected as early as March and, over the next few months, other openings will follow. Business customers will be able to use the Shell Card to access mobility services in Italy on a network of refueling stations that promises to be among the most extensive.

The transaction is part of the company's broader growth strategy in fuel distribution that includes the goal of 100 LNG stations by 2025 in Europe. In addition to the Netherlands, where it operates 7 plants, Shell is targeting Germany, where it has 25 plants and plans to increase them to 40 by the end of 2022.

After the first LNG station in France at the end of 2020, the company expects 7 new ones in the country by the end of 2022. Shell's current network of own-brand LNG filling stations, as well as the Netherlands, Germany and France sees plants in Belgium (6), Spain (1), Poland (1) and Turkey (1). In addition, the Shell card is accepted in 68 third-party GNV stations through partnerships with Air Liquide, Romac Fuels, Avia and Rolande.

Shell also aims to promote the use of bio-LNG by building a 100,000-ton-per-year biomethane liquefaction plant at its Godorf refinery near Cologne. Shell Germany said it aims to begin construction of the plant by the end of this year, subject to regulatory approval, and to begin supplying bioGNL in 2023.

Sources: Vado e Torno; Lng Prime