December 15, 2014. China’s Houma Tongsheng Yitong Natural Gas Co. plans to build a 500.000 m3/day coalbed methane (CBM) liquefaction plant at Houma in Shanxi province, a local government official has said. The company obtained approval from the Shanxi Development and Reform Commission in early 2013 and has begun preliminary works on the new unit, according to the official from the municipal government in Houma. The CBM feedstock will be supplied via the Jinchang-Houma CBM pipeline and the Linfen-Changzhi gas pipeline. Other facilities at the same site include a liquefied natural gas (LNG) refueling station, a filling station for compressed natural gas (CNG) and two LNG storage tanks. Houma Tongsheng Yitong Natural Gas Co. has the franchise right on natural gas in Houma city and is largely engaged in businesses such as city gas supply and the retailing of natural gas equipment. Source: GNV Magazine