New LNG bunkers for Mediterranean and Gulf of Finland

Avenir Aspiration is the name of the new tanker of Avenir LNG, the first shipping and logistics company in the world specializing in small scale LNG. The ship, with a capacity of 7500 cubic meters, 116 meters long and 5.95 in draft, with an LNG transfer capacity of 1000 cubic meters per hour, was built in the Chinese shipyard Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering. The ship will operate in the Mediterranean, and will be stationed at the Higas coastal depot in the port of Santa Giusta - Oristano in Sardinia, which came into operation last May and is managed by Avenir itself.

This is the third tanker launched by the company and the first of the second series, which includes another sister ship. The two bunkers of the first series, again with a capacity of 7,500 cubic meters, designed by Trieste-based MES with LNG tanks supplied by Tuscan Gas and Heat (Avenir Accolade and Avenir Advantage) were built in the Keppel Singmarine shipyards in Singapore. They went into operation in 2020 and 2021, one is already operational in the Malaysian Sea and the other in South America.

Two other tankers have been ordered by Avenir from the Nantong CIMC Sinopacific shipyard with a capacity of 20,000 cubic meters of LNG. They will be 159.90 meters long and 8.20 in draft with an LNG transfer capacity of 2,100 cubic meters per hour.

Gas Vitality will be the first liquefied natural gas bunker to operate in France. Baptized in a ceremony held last October at the Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard in China, the ship has a capacity of 18,000 cubic meters. The initiative is the result of the collaboration between Total Energies Marine Fuels and the Japanese company Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL). The sister company Gas Agility has been operating since 2020 in the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Total Energies' new LNG tanker will enter service by December 2021 and will be based in the port of Marseille Fos to supply the ships of the French container shipping and shipping company CMA CGM, which will operate in the Mediterranean. The supply of the three LNG cruise ships of the Swiss MSC cruises, which has Genoa as its base port, is also under contract with Total.

The unit is 135 meters long and is equipped with all the latest technological solutions for the sector including: a new pressure reduction system to optimize bunkering operations, azimuth thrusters and two bow thrusters and a system of reuse of the boil-off gas for propulsion and power generation for the ship.

Optimus is the name of the LNG tanker that will operate specifically in the Gulf of Finland delivered in recent days to the Estonian energy company Elanche. The ship is 100 meters long with a capacity of 6,000 cubic meters of LNG and will serve ships and small coastal users. It was built at the Damen Yichang shipyard, located along the Chinese Yangtze River and completed the testing phase at the Damen Verolme shipyard in the port of Rotterdam.