Italian LNG trains on the way

In Rimini, the Trenitalia Cyclic Maintenance Workshops have started  the conversion to LNG of two historic diesel-powered engines of the FS Italiane Foundation, which will be followed by extraordinary maintenance and redevelopment of the trains to eliminate the particulate emissions and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 20%.

The activity is part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in March 2019 by Italian State Railways, Snam and Hitachi Rail, in order to promote green tourism through the use of renewable fuels and resources to encourage a lifestyle, and travel, sustainable and eco-friendly.

The pilot project, which involves Trenitalia's Cyclic Maintenance Workshops, will be completed at the beginning of next year, after which it will be possible to enlarge the fleet of trains on which to extend the experimentation.

Source: FondazioneFS