First bunker at sea of the largest LNG bulk carrier

At the end of January Peninsula Petroleum, an international bunkering operator, in collaboration with Petronas Marine, an integrated oil and natural gas company in Malaysia, successfully carried out the first supply of LNG to the bulk carrier HL Green, of the international carrier H-Line Shipping in Malaysian waters. HL Green is supplied on a long-term contract by global charterer Cosco.

It was the first LNG refueling of the largest bulk carrier in the world (180,000 dwt tons) on its maiden voyage. The 2,760 cubic meter bunker was built by the small-scale LNG carrier Avenir Advantage, which recently entered service in the South East Asian seas. Avenir GNL is the global operator of liquid methane logistics owner with 80%, together with the Italian companies Gas and Heat and CPL Concordia, of the 9,000 cubic meter coastal deposit of liquid methane to be inaugurated in Oristano, in the center of the island. Italian Sardinia.

John A. Bassadone, CEO of Peninsula, said "this is a key milestone for Peninsula. I would like to personally thank H-Line and PETRONAS Marine for their continued trust in us, as without them this agreement would not have been possible. We are we are also pleased that Peninsula's sustainability principles are fully aligned with PETRONAS Marine, H-Line and their charterer POSCO. It is a pleasure to be part of a drive towards positive environmental change, together with these highly qualified companies. "

Nacho De Miguel, who leads Peninsula's LNG business, added "the delivery was safe and completed within 20 hours, a record time for the quantity supplied, including cooling an LNG tank. H-Line, PETRONAS Marine and the Peninsula continued to converse regularly throughout the process and we look forward to working together again on future deliveries of LNG bunkers."

Peninsula recently announced the implementation of its LNG bunkering, a small-scale and global LNG business. The group is working on timeshares in strategic bunkering locations around the world. In addition, Peninsula is committed to developing its own LNG refueling vessels and is currently in talks with several shipowners and shipyards to materialize its LNG strategic plan.

Source: Peninsula Petroleum