The Snam initiative to promote sustainable mobility is ramping up. The project will require an investment of 150 million to build up to 300 new methane road distributors both with cryogenic (LNG) and pipeline (CNG) tanks. At the present time it is not specified how many will be of one type or another. With a contract signed at the beginning of December, Snam plans to build a first batch of 14 plants at Eni's existing service stations, which will pay approximately 20-40 million euro. This "operational contract" follows the agreement signed in May 2017, that has the objective to support the development of plants for the supply of natural gas and their more balanced distribution in the various regions of Italy. The contract, which lasts twenty years, involves the design, construction and maintenance of the plants (sale is excluded). A joint statement by the two companies, both directly and indirectly controlled by the Ministry of Economic Development, underlines the common interest in the supply of low-emission alternative fuels such as natural gas that eliminates the particulate matter, which is primarily responsible for urban pollution, ensuring also significant economic benefits for consumers. On a total network of 4,400 plants, Eni already has 2 service stations that also supply LNG out of the 14 currently active in Italy, in addition to 178 which only supply compressed methane.