A new liquid methane (LNG) distributor is arriving in the Italian city of Brescia (Lombardy Region), inside an existing filling station (with the Eni brand) placed in a strategic position at the crossroads between Borgosatollo street and Dario Morelli road, leading from a motorway exit to the city center.

In fact, on December 11th 2018, a 18-meter-high cryogenic cylindrical tank has been installed, so once the construction work is completed - including the construction of a green car parking and a bike lane - the distributor should be inaugurated in spring 2019.

The new LNG dispenser as well as the existing filling station (diesel and petrol) are owned by the "Ferlina Srl" company, held by the limited liability company ICLAM of Montichiari (BS), which since 1978 supplies products and services in various sectors, from oil products for motor vehicles and heating to products for ecology and agriculture, in the Province of Brescia.

It is worth remembering that the company Ferlina srl, on March 31 2017, had submitted to the city of Brescia the project proposal for the expansion of the existing plant with a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and a Liquid methane (LNG) filling station supplied by a cryogenic tank of LNG.

Source: BSNews