100 LNG stations, target achieved at the end of the year

With the recent opening of two new distributors equipped with LNG in Novara, by BLU LNG, a specialized brand of Rete Spa, and in Falconara (Marche, italian central region), by Vulcangas, the milestone of 100 service stations with this fuel in Italy was reached.

Another five plants are in the activation phase. Compared to the last six-monthly census of the SSLNG WATCH observatory by the Ref-e research center, 8 were added to the 81 plants at the end of June that supply both liquid LNG to trucks and compressed to cars: 89 in total today; the 12 that delivered only compressed gas fell by one unit (a new one entered while two added liquid LNG to the trucks): 11 in total.

In this way, Italy's leadership in Europe in the use of LNG for land transport is consolidated, not only in terms of the number of plants but also in terms of the distribution of trucks. Looking at the trend of the last two years, it can be estimated that the number of trucks in circulation, between those registered in Italy and abroad, are now about 3,500.

The Novara station was built by CPL Concordia and will be supplied by Total Italia. That of Novara is the fifth station of BLU LNG which is added to those of Carmagnola, Poirino, Beinasco and San Maurizio Canavese, in the Turin area. Vulgangas operates throughout the supply chain: construction, management of plants, their supply. It was the first Italian company to use bioGNL.

On this occasion it is worth remembering that the combustion of liquid methane has emissions close to zero of sulfur oxides, 99% less fine dust, 90% less nitrogen oxides, 20% less carbon dioxide and 20% those of nitrogen, compared to fuels derived from petroleum. Using bioLNG, these values ​​drop further, for a neutral climate impact.

Source: BLU LNG - Vulcangas