Kooiman to build 2nd LNG bunkering pontoon for Titan LNG and Fluxys


The Dutch Shipyard Kooiman will build a second LNG bunkering pontoon, the FlexFueler 002, for Belgium’s Fluxys and Titan LNG

The pontoon, that will be 76,40 meters long and 11,45 wide, will be equipped with four vacuum insulated type C cargo tanks capable of transporting up to 370 cubic meters of LNG. The pontoon is not self propelled and for assistance in manoeuvring is driven by an external unit. On the back of the pontoon there will be a control room and a simple accommodation.

The FlexFueler 002 LNG bunkering pontoon will have for its home location Quay 526/528 in the port of Antwerp, where Fluxys has a concession to provide LNG bunkering services and currently accommodates truck to ship bunkering on the site.

FlexFueler 002 is the second Titan LNG developed pontoon in its sort and identical to FlexFueler 001, which will come into service in Amsterdam in approximately 3 months.

Source: Kooiman Marine Group