Primagaz and Avia inaugurate the first public C-LNG station on the French motorway network


Presented as the first public GNV station installed on the French motorway network, the CLNG station of Beaune-les-Mines was officially inaugurated lastThursday, October 5th.

Located near Limoges, along the A20 motorway, this new station distributes both compressed (CNG) and liquefied (LNG) natural gas. It is operated by Avia and Primagaz, partners since 2017.

On the LNG part, Cryostar supplied the distributors.

For Avia and Primagaz, this first station marks the effective start of a plan to deploy 20 GNV stations by 2020 on the main French roads.

Gino Vansteenhuyse, Sales Manager of Primagaz, expressing satisfaction with the inauguration of the station, said: “Alternative use of natural gas to traditional fuels actively adheres to Primagaz’s sustainable mobility strategy, as it emits up to 20% less than CO2 compared to diesel and very little oxides of nitrogen, particulates and other pollutants “.