Repsol bunkers two LNG Norwegian ferries in the Ports of Cartagena and Ferrol


During the current month, Spanish energy company Repsol has carried four LNG bunkering operations at the Ports of Cartagena and Ferrol supplying two new ferries of the Norwegian maritime company Torghatten Nord AS, directed to Norway from the builder Turkish Tersan Shipyard (Tuzla/Istanbul).

The company said it supplied 215 cubic meters in the Mediterranean Port of Cartagena (Murcia) and 180 cubic meters in the northern Galician Port of Ferrol to both the hybrid vessels: the LNG/Battery powered Ro-Ro passenger & vehicle ferries Huftarøy and Samnøy (all DNV Classed  +1A1 vessels, of 134 meters in length and 20 meters in width).

The operation was managed by Repsol in collaboration with the energy companies Enagás, Molgas and Reganosa, the Port Authorities of Cartagena and Ferrol, and the Redwise Maritime Services company, which has handled the ships’ journey from the Turkish shipyard.

Repsol added in its statement that in the last five years it has supplied around 2,500 cubic meters of LNG to thirteen different vessels.

By way of information, a third sister ship (the Faerøy vessel) is currently under construction at the Turkish Tersan Shipyard on behalf of Torghatten Nord AS, which runs seagoing public transportation with Express passenger ships and ferries in the Norwegian counties of Nordland and Troms.  The contract for the construction of the three LNG/Battery powered car and passenger ferries was sealed at the end of February 2017.

All the three Torghatten Nord ferries employ Rolls Royce’s LNG fuelled engines, along with two other similar units under advanced construction at the VARD shipyard (Fincantieri Group) of Brevik in Norway.

Last December 5 Repsol, in collaboration with the Port Authority and Enagás, also carried out the largest known LNG supply to the Canadian ship Paul A. Desganés, in the port of Cartagena, using eleven tankers.

Source: LNG World News