France: new Primagaz/Avia LNG station in Montélimar


Installed in collaboration with Avia, the Montélimar station is the second plant deployed by Primagaz after Limoges, inaugurated in October 2017. (See ConferenzaGNL)

Located in the immediate vicinity of the Nationale 7, this new station is intended in particular for road transport professionals and offers CNG and LNG.

The opening of this new public station continues our efforts to facilitate the acceptance by professionals of this fuel of the future. NGV represents an alternative to traditional fuels and actively participates in sustainable mobility. NGV emits less CO2 and very little fine particles, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants; it thus contributes to reducing the impact of transport on the emissions of these pollutants, “explains Matthieu Lassalle, Commercial and Marketing Director of Primagaz and Avia initiative is part of the “LNG Blue Corridors” strategy, supported by the European Commission, that aims to build a real network of supply stations across the continent along four main corridors: Atlantic (ATL Blue), Mediterranean (Med Blue), South-North ( Sonor Blue) and West-East (WE Blue).

Associated since January 2017, Primagaz and Avia plans to open about twenty GNV stations on the main French roads. Upcoming projects include Simandres (Rhône) and Montbartier (Tarn-et-Garonne), which is scheduled to open in the second half of 2018.