110 New Scania LNG trucks for Barilla and KP Logistik

29 Jan 2020 - ConferenzaGNL

110 New Scania LNG trucks for Barilla and KP Logistik

Scania is confirmed as one of the frontline companies in Europe for the production of LNG industrial vehicles, with new important orders in Italy and Germany by Barilla and KP Logistik, for a total of 110 new LNG trucks.

Barilla has enlarged its LNG fleet, with 10 new LNG truks, in order to promote highly sustainable production chains. The new LNG trucks are owned by Nicolosi Trasporti, supplier of the Parma-based company for Sicily, and regional leader in transport with ambient and controlled temperature vehicles . They will be used to connect the production plants with customers and with the Sicilian distribution hub. “We are proud to announce that our Group’s fleet is now equipped with 10 additional LNG vehicles, which will be followed by several others” – commented Riccardo Stabellini, Barilla’s Logistics Director-Italy – “These kind of vehicles are being spreading more and more in the national industrial transports.  The Group’s strategy of reduce polluting emissions characterizes all new projects in the logistics sector“. “We have decided to renew our fleet with the purchase of 50 Scania LNG vehicles and in the future we want to convert the entire park with LNG vehicles. We are also completing the construction of the first LNG refueling plant for the Sicily at our company,  to guarantee a local supply point for our vehicles “, says Gaetano Nicolosi, owner of Nicolosi Trasporti.

Scania vehicles purchased by Nicolosi Trasporti and used by Barilla allow a significant reduction in CO2 and NOx emissions compared to Euro 6 diesel vehicles for heavy transport. They feature a 13-liter natural gas engine, with a torque of 2,000 Nm and 410 horsepower, and are designed for long distances, thanks to an autonomy of up to 1,100 km and performance comparable to a diesel engine of equal power. The calibration of the transmission developed in-house and controlled by the 5th generation Opticruise, further contributes to the reduction of consumption, without penalizing the productivity levels of the vehicles. They also respect the conditions set by the Piek QuietTRUCK standard, with a sound level lower than 72dbA.

KP Logistik, Danish company operating in Germany since 1990, ordered 100 LNG trucks from Scania last year, to be used mainly for transport in eastern Germany. The models Scania R410, will be operated in the fleet four to five years and during that time each accumulate up to 800,000 kilometres; thanks to the two 340- and 400-litre capacity tanks, the trucks will have a range of up to 1,100 kilometres.

The choice of KP Logistik was favored by the exemption from road tolls and by the subsidies for LNG vehicles launched by the German government in early 2019; as well as the progressive expansion of the country’s LNG supply infrastructure.

Source: Comunicato Stampa SCANIA |Ferpress

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