On September 9, 2017 Sol Spa, leader of the Sol Group, launched a project for a LNG storage facility with a capacity of 300 cubic meters, to be built in its Salerno plant. The project has been submitted to the EA procedure. The plant complies with the "Seveso III Directive" provisions, for which the approval procedure is under way at the Regional Technical Committee of the Fire Brigade.

The SOL Group is active in the production, applied research and sales of technical, pure and medical gases, in the field of home care, in biotechnology and in the production of hydroelectric energy. It has over 3,400 employees in 28 countries with its own establishments and in 2016 it has achieved a consolidated turnover of 703 million. In addition to Italy, the main commitments are in India, Turkey, Morocco and Brazil. Sol Spa is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

The LNG storage facility in Salerno, composed by three tanks with a capacity of 100 cubic meters, will be only used for the LNG handling via tanker; the regasification activity is not envisaged.

As recently reported by Sole 24 Ore and local press, the project will cost approximately 2 million euros but the authorization process is proceeding very slowly, as also reported in an interview by Aldo Fumagalli Romario, CEO of Sol Spa. So the CEO is thinking to transfer the initiative in another Region of Italy.

At the Salerno plant, a fractioning plant is active for the production and storage of nitrogen, oxygen and argon, also with the needed tank loading ramps. Among the technological installations needed for the plant operation there are generators and electric and methane decompression cabins.

To learn more visit http://www.occhiodisalerno.it/sol-group-investire-salerno-regione/