BFWE - a joint venture between BolognaFiere and Mirumir, aims to contribute to the knowledge and sharing of issues related to the economic and social value of water, energy and new technological applications.

The BFWE Innovation Award offers multiple opportunities to highlight technological innovations and to disseminate them to the industry, scientific and institutional community. Novelties and innovations in the water and energy sector are the calling card of the events promoted by BFWE.

  • ACCADUEO - International exhibition dedicated to water technology, treatment and distribution
  • HESE - Exhibition dedicated to the production, transport, storage and use of hydrogen
  • CH4 - Exhibition dedicated to the production, transport, storage and use of methane and biomethane
  • DRONITALY - Exhibition dedicated to the use of remotely piloted vehicles for civil use
  • CONFERENZAGNL - Exhibition dedicated to the promotion of the liquefied natural gas supply chain
  • FUELS MOBILITY - Exhibition dedicated to products, technologies and services for the fuel distribution sector

The BFWE Innovation Award is an award for all those product, process and service innovations developed by innovative companies, scientists and utilities. The "Call for Proposals" is open for technologies and patents, but also changes in work organisation or business models that contribute to innovation and sustainability in the water and energy sector.

The BFWE Innovation Award will be curated by a special Technical-Scientific Commission of experts from the water and energy sector. The evaluation criteria are based on the originality of the proposal, its replicability and development potential.

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