Steps forward for small scale LNG in Augusta (Sicily)

10 Nov 2021 - ConferenzaGNL

Steps forward for small scale LNG in Augusta (Sicily)

The Services Conference called by the Port System Authority of the Eastern Sicily Sea on the request for a maritime state property concession presented by the company Restart Consulting Srl for the construction of a small scale LNG deposit in the port of Augusta was positively concluded at the end of October.

Restart had responded to a request for an expression of interest in the development of LNG in that port published in September 2019. Since then, meetings have been held at the Service Conference and also with the population. Numerous requests for further information followed, which the company responded to.

The last positive opinion communicated to the Port Authority, in mid-October, was that of the Municipality of Augusta, which conditioned it to further investigations on the safety aspects also provided for by the continuation of the authorization process, in relation to the petrochemical plants present in the area. The project includes a series of self-propelled tank barges for the bunkering of ships for a total capacity of approximately 4,000 cubic meters.

The individual barges may have capacities from 400 to 1200 cubic meters and will moor at a disused pier (consortium pier of Punta Cugno, formerly of Esso). Part of the pier will be redeveloped with an area on the ground and the initial part up to the first platform which will be set up in order to allow the refueling of LNG tankers and their reversal.

Source: Local press

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