Record of orders for LNG ships in September 2021

4 Nov 2021 - ConferenzaGNL

Record of orders for LNG ships in September 2021

The International Foundation DNV, mainly engaged in naval classification and naval counselling, has shown a record-breaking number of orders for LNG fuelled ships during last month. Last month’s orders of 35 LNG fuelled ships have topped the previous record established in April 2021 (31 LNG fuelled ships). If compared to the month of August, there has been an increase of 23 ships ordered.

Martin Wold, principal consultant at DNV, has declared that throughout the year 2021 up to 200 LNG fuelled ships have been ordered by a number of companies, such as: CMA CGM, Seaspan and Zim, K Line, Eastern Pacific Shipping, TEN and Equinor, Hartmann, Louis Dreyfus, and SeaRoad. Moreover, there are at least 221 active LNG fuelled ships at the moment while there are 389 ships which have been ordered for the future. Among these, 44 are designed for passenger and car transport, 26 are offshore supply ships and 25 are chemical or oil tankers.

Source: LngprimeDNV

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