Gasum’s LNG and bioGNL for the Finnish Coast Guard

17 Sep 2021 - ConferenzaGNL

Gasum’s LNG and bioGNL for the Finnish Coast Guard

The energy company Gasum, active in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany, leader in the liquid methane sector, last August won the competitive tender organized by the Finnish government purchasing center for the supply of LNG and bioGNL to the Transport Agency and the Coast Guard for 2021-2022. The framework agreement has an additional two-year option.

“Our well-functioning partnership with Gasum will continue. Our competitive bidding process has helped reach a framework agreement that works well in this developing market, taking into account the needs of suppliers and customers. The framework agreement enables companies to government organizations to source LNG with a high level of security of supply. LNG is a better fuel for the climate and this framework agreement allows customers to also purchase the bio version of LNG, “said Pasi Tainio, manager of Hansel Ltd., the company responsible for the tender.

“We supplied LNG to the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and the Finnish Border Guard during the previous agreement period. Shipping plays a leading role in changing course towards a cleaner tomorrow. LNG complies with everyone. emissions requirements and is highly energy efficient, “added Jacob Granqvist, Gasum’s Vice President of Maritime Operations,

The statement released by Gasum reiterates that LNG is the cleanest fuel and meets current and future requirements set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the EU. Switching to liquid methane helps to completely eliminate sulfur oxide and particulate emissions and reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions by 85%. The use of LNG reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 21% considering its “life cycle”. LNG will play an important role in the future in maritime and heavy road transport in the Baltic Sea region.

Gasum is the leading producer and supplier of biogas, biomethane and bioGNL in Finland and Sweden and of LNG in the Nordic countries with its own network of service stations for land transport. 772 million euros the Group’s revenues in 2020 with over 380 employees.

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