100% BioLNG at the Brenner Pass with HAM Italia, APS Fuel and Gruber Logistics

20 Jul 2021 - ConferenzaGNL

100% BioLNG at the Brenner Pass with HAM Italia, APS Fuel and Gruber Logistics

At the end of June, on the Autobrennero at Autoporto Sadobre (Brenner customs border motorway station), the first plant for the distribution of bioLNG for road transport was started up, an initiative born from the collaboration between Gruber Logistics, APS Fuel (Autoporto Sadobre) and Ham Italia.

The initiative involves the use of residual biomass for the production of bioLNG and the complete certification of the supply chain from production to use. The first of its kind in Italy and Continental Europe, the distributor, in addition to the tank for the distribution of LNG of fossil origin, is equipped with a second tank, reserved exclusively for the storage and distribution of bioLNG.

In this way, the liquid biomethane remains separate from conventional LNG, ensuring the traceability of the molecule. Infrastructure plants are not equipped with dedicated facilities and therefore mix fossil and bio methane.

Liquid biomethane is a fuel capable of lowering emissions by 95 per cent compared to diesel and preventing CO2 emissions from agricultural and organic waste production, making it a zero-emission fuel.

The project was supported by Martin Gruber, CEO of the logistics and transport company of the same name, which has been granted exclusive use of the fuel: “Today we are setting a new benchmark for the entire transport sector in Europe. Companies such as Iveco and Electrolux have joined the project, and Electrolux is the first to transport with the new bio solution.

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