Iveco and Plus for autonomous LNG-powered heavy road vehicles

22 Jun 2021 - ConferenzaGNL

Iveco and Plus for autonomous LNG-powered heavy road vehicles

IVECO, a brand of CNH Industrial NV and pioneer in the marketing and production of LNG-powered vehicles, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Plus, a leading company in the autonomous driving sector, to develop heavy vehicles that integrate the know-how of the two companies.

According to the MOU, IVECO and Plus will integrate the full-stack autonomous Plusdrive system on the latest generation IVECO S-WAY vehicles. The cooperation aims to combine the advantages of IVECO’s LNG propulsion systems with the technological innovation of autonomous driving.

Develop rapidly, produce and sell safe, fuel-efficient heavy goods vehicles, not only in Europe, and deepen the potential of active driver assistance systems, divided into 6 levels (0 to 5) according to the operations of the driver, it will be the core of the activities of IVECO and Plus.

The technology of autonomous driving in heavy vehicles is a solution not too far in time, it is estimated that already in 2025 it will be possible to manage the first experiences of truck platooning, rows of trucks stacked, equidistant and at constant speed.

Source: IVECO

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