The Edison-Q8 project of the LNG coastal deposit in Naples has been officialized

5 Oct 2020 - ConferenzaGNL

The Edison-Q8 project of the LNG coastal deposit in Naples has been officialized

Edison and Kuwait Petroleum Italia (Q8) officially presented last October 1st the project for a coastal storage of LNG in the Neapolitan port, described by the two companies as part of the “Green Shipping Week 2020” in Naples, after the indiscretions that have occurred in the past two years and a recent European grant for authorization engineering.

The depot will be built in the Darsena Petroli, in synergy with the other industrial plants already present. A joint note from the two companies notes that, thanks to this agreement, liquid natural gas will be readily available as a fuel, both sea and land, throughout the Central-Southern Tyrrhenian area and will allow the Port of Naples to constitute a pole of attraction. preferential for the traffic of vessels with a lower environmental impact.

In addition, the infrastructure, without subtracting areas intended for different uses from the Port, will increase the technological standards of the entire Darsena Petroli and will increase the volume of port services, with positive effects for the companies in the area and in the Port.

Q8 boasts a historical presence in the port of Naples, while Edison is building a network of strategic coastal depots along the peninsula, with an authorized plant in Sardinia (port of Santa Giusta – Oristano), under construction in Ravenna (upper Adriatic Sea) and planned in Brindisi (in the South, ahead of Greece).

Even in a complex scenario like the one we are experiencing, Q8 maintains a long-term strategic vision, and this project is clear proof of this – said Giuseppe Zappalà, CEO of Kuwait Petroleum Italia -. A strategy that aims at innovation and environmental protection, in the desire to continue to play a leading role in the energy transition, also thanks to prestigious partners such as Edison.

Edison wants to be a key player in the country’s energy transition and has identified the decarbonisation of transport as one of the fundamental axes of its strategic development plan – commented Pierre Vergerio, Executive Vice President Gas Midstream, Energy Management and Gas Infrastructures at Edison -. The project in the port of Naples is an integral part of this plan which provides for the creation of the country’s first LNG logistics chain to make heavy, sea and road transport sustainable. We are already building the first coastal LNG deposit in the port of Ravenna with PIR (Petrolifera Italo Rumena) and we aim to build a second one in Naples in partnership with Kuwait Petroleum Italia which is a partner with proven experience in the area and with complementary skills to ours.

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