Novella, Cosulich and Autogas for LNG bunkering in Genoa

17 Oct 2018 - ConferenzaGNL

Novella, Cosulich and Autogas for LNG bunkering in Genoa

According to a recent article by Nicola Capuzzo reported by the magazine Ship2Shore a new Genoese alliance would be in progress between the Groups Novella, Cosulich and Autogas, in order to better study the possibility of supplying LNG to cruise ships, ferries and other ships powered by liquefied natural gas, that in the near future could moor under the Lantern of Genoa Port.

This group of companies, which each have a specific know-how in the field of maritime services, ship bunkering and transport of liquid gases, could also be joined by Eni, which has been invited to participate and would seem willing to contribute.

A main unknown factor concerns the place where to build the new deposit and one of the hypotheses that is taking shape is to identify a space outside the port perimeter, in no-public areas, but close to the coast and close enough to the Genoa or Savona docks.

In this regard, it should be remembered that just a year ago Eni and the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority announced the launch of “a feasibility study for a new LNG storehouse to be built in the port Genoa to carry out bunkering operations for gas-powered ships “, which however ended negatively in last summer. In fact, neither at Multedo (where Eni is concessionaire through Porto Petroli) nor in other zones of the port have been identified areas sufficiently large to make a deposit of the minimum size required, according to the analysis conducted by Eni.

The Novella and Fratelli Cosulich groups boast many years of experience in bunkering in Liguria and other ports (in particular, Cosulich share partecipates in the provision of technical services to the Offshore LNG Toscana (OLT) plant in Livorno, while the Autogas Group is specialized in terrestrial transport and distribution of liquefied gases (LPG). The ultimate new LNG logistic chain would contemplate the supply of the raw material from the plants of Livorno or Panigaglia (La Spezia), the LNG transport and storage in Genoa or its proximity, and finally the LNG bunkering to ships through an apposite barge that would be ordered by the Novella Group (plausibly in partnership with Cosulich).

The whole project is currently still in its infancy, but if the numbers and spaces prove to be economically sustainable, the new team could be quickly ready to move on the authorization and execution stage of the new investment project.

Source: Ship2shore

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