Rome, 21st November 2013


Maritime LNG

The role of the Navy in the use of natural gas in marine propulsion
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Maritime LNG. The role of the Navy in the use of natural gas in marine propulsion

Overview of the day

The first “Conferenza Nazionale Italia – Mediterraneo” on the use of LNG in maritime and ground transportation (Rome, April 2013) outlined how the direct use of LNG helps improve the economic and environmental sustainability of the European transportation and mobility system. It also resulted in highlighting the essential role that the application of LNG for naval use and related logistic structure will play in the development of the technological and industrial chain of LNG for transportation.

The use of LNG for naval transport has also attracted the attention of the Navy, which views LNG in the context of:

  •  greater operational flexibility;
  • lower fuel costs;
  • possibility to operate with very low environmental impact on valuable and protected areas, like arctic and antarctic seas, and on ports.

The Italian Navy can play an important role in the diffusion of LNG for transportation, thus facilitating the choice both of technologies and of the related rules in the area of security and environmental protection. This perspective would also facilitate the diffusion and the application of LNG in the private sector,  where the Italian National Energy Strategy (SEN)  expects and demands a greater role for LNG.