The support of national and foreign institutions and associations confirm the international vocation of ConferenzaGNL and its effective contribution to the development of direct uses of Small Scale LNG in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

ADSP Tirreno Centrale
The Harbor System Authority of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea is the governing body of the port territory. The ports of Naples, Salerno and Castellammare di Stabia are part of the Campania port system.

Assogasliquidi represents companies in the liquefied gas distribution sector (LPG and LNG) for combustion and automotive use and companies that build equipment and plants or that provide services relevant to the sector.
AIEE, Italian Association of Energy Economists, is a non-profit professional organization to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences among energy experts.

The Italian Association of Wholesalers and Energy Traders promotes competition and transparency within energy markets and fosters development and standardization of primary energy products and derivatives.
ALIS, the Association of logistics and sustainable intermodality promotes the intermodal trasport in Italy. Founding members are important companies of transport and logistic sector.

The National Association of Small Fishery Entrepreneurs brings together small and medium enterprises, Producer Organizations, operators and Small Entrepreneur of all the activities of the fishing industry.

nigas, the National Association of the Gas Industry, represents all the companies, regardless of their constitution, that are engaged in any one or more of the following activities: storage, transportation, distribution, sale of natural gas on the consumer market, wholesale, trading and regasification of liquefied natural gas.
ANITA represents the road haulage and logistics companies operating in Italy and Europe. The 1,700 companies associated with ANITA are leading companies in the road transport, intermodal and logistics sectors.
Assocostieri, established in Rome on February 24th 1983, is the Association of companies operating in the field of energy logistics operating maritime bunkering, owners of coastal deposits and LNG terminals.

ASSTRA is the national employer association of local public transport companies in Italy (public and private). It was founded in 2001 by the mergers of the two Federtrasporti and Fenit trade associations. Both associations had existed for more than 60 years.
CIB brings together farmers that run biogas plants; industrial companies that supply equipment and technology; companies operating in the fields of agriculture, consultancy, mechanization and transports...

CIG carries out activities for the elaboration of technical standards, specifications and reports, guidelines and study of scientific and technical problems concerning combustible gases as defined in the UNI EN 437 standard.
CONFITARMA represents almost the whole of the nation’s merchant fleet, shipping companies and groups operating in freight and passenger transport, cruises and auxiliary traffic services.

FLC brings together leading companies in the logistics chain with the aim of formulating opinions, judgments and addresses to institutions to contribute to the development and competitiveness of sustainable logistics.
Greek Energy Forum, founded in 2013, is an international energy think tank consisting of Greek energy professionals holding international corporate posts, sharing a common interest in the broader energy industry in Greece and Southeastern Europe.
NGV Italy brings together the most important Italian companies operating in the field of alternative eco-sustainable fuels for transport. It promotes the dialogue between industrial and commercial components of the sector.

NGVA Europe promotes the use of natural and renewable gas as fuel in vehicles and ships. It encourages EU decision-makers to create fair regulations and standards on issues pertinent to the development of gas in transport.

OME is the Voice of energy industry in the Mediterranean area; a Platform and Think Tank for energy dialogue, cooperation and best practices exchange in the Euro-Mediterranean. OME gathers leading Mediterranean energy companies and associated partners from 16 countries.
REF-E operates in energy markets and provides research and customised consulting services, independent market observatories, training. It supports companies, institutions, government bodies in their decision making processes.

Cultural Association, it promotes and fosters the meeting, the relationships, the training and technical and cultural updating among all members of economic and professional categories related to maritime activities, international and national transport.
Unione Petrolifera is the association established in 1948 that brings together main oil companies operating in Italy in the field of oil processing and distribution of oil products, and logistics.