The 5th International Conference on Small Scale LNG, taking place in 2019, is the Mediterranean area’s most important event dealing with direct uses of this fuel. The summit is dedicated to advancing the development of the Small Scale LNG industry, bringing together key stakeholders, including both government and private organizations.

Speaking at Conference its a great chance to showcase expertise and network with more then 600 delegates/visitors from all over the world.

The topics being covered in 2019 include:
  • Small Scale LNG: a milestone towards sustainable energy transition;
  • The latest EU measures on emission limits, alternative fuel infrastructures and direct use;
  • How to supply Small Scale LNG for market deployment;
  • The development of land, maritime and rail transport in the Euro-Mediterranean area and worldwide;
  • Bio-LNG and its future;
  • Micro and mini LNG liquefaction;
  • Using LNG in industry, electric power grids and space carriers;
  • Technological innovations that favour direct use of LNG: cold storage, cryogenic valves, hybrid engines, ship-to-ship technologies, LNG digital processes;
  • A Small Scale LNG platform for Italy, Europe and Mediterranean region;