1st FieraGNL

Concurrently to the 3rd ConferenzaGNL workships, in the designated area of the 1st FieraGNL exhibition space, some events are addressed both to the audience of the Conference and of the Fair.
For more info download here the brochure of 1st FieraGNL.

  • LNG Training Program in the Context of the 1st FieraGNLStructure: two days of basic lessons in 6 modules to provide participants with a complete picture of the LNG field.
    Location: Speech Area
    Duration: about 50 minutes each block
    Time: Thursday June 11th, morning and afternoon

    Thursday, June 11 at 10:00 am

    I. What is LNG?

    • Pressurized, liquefied natural gas: chemical and energy characteristics
    • Role of LNG among gas fuels
    • Industrial and health risk factors
    • LNG terms (measurement terminology, conversion factors)
    Thursday, June 11 at 11:00 am

    II. LNG Transportation Chain

    • From natural to liquid gas: pressurization technologies
    • Logistics: loading, transportation deposit and dumping
    • From liquid to natural gas: gasification and vaporization technologies
    • II LNG terms (technical chain terminology)
    Thursday, June 11 at 12:00 am

    III. LNG in ground transportation

    • Single and dual-fuel engines for heavy ground transportation vehicles
    • Service station and petrol tanker refueling
    • Tank characteristics and test activities.
    • Market overview of means of transportation and prices of LNG
    Friday, June 11 at 14:00 pm

    IV. LNG in maritime transportation

    • Maritime transportation engine design: short, medium and long cabotage.
    • Service station and petrol tanker refueling
    • Tank characteristics and test activities
    • Overview of watercraft market and LNG prices
    Friday, June 11 at 15:00 pm

    V. Environmental and industrial risk aspects of LNG

    • Environmental assessment of LNG use
    • Climate risk of the LNG chain
    • From biogas to biomethane to BioLNG
    • Sector regulations and authorization processes
    Friday, June 11 at 16:00 pm

    VI. Global and European LNG market

    • Past, present and future of the LNG market
    • Main global and European hubs
    • Price trends and forecast
    • Main players.
  • B2B MeetingsLocation: VIP Area (mezzanine floor)
    Duration: about 30 minutes
    Schedule: Thursday and Friday (pre-arranged schedules)

    A series of B2B meetings, arranged by appointment, is in the process of being organized to focus on the following topics of interest to the Conference and FieraGNL participants:

    • Engine design of LNG trucks
    • Engine design of LNG retrofit diesel trucks
    • Ship engine design and related technologies
    • LNG logistics and distribution
    • Cryogenics technologies

    We expect to include in the on-line registration form the option for participants to schedule appointments with LNG experts and companies on the above-mentioned topics.

  • In collaboration with University Energy Master’s Programs, we expect to arrange a space in the exhibition area dedicated to the projects of future LNG experts. A few students will present their projects and will be available to answer questions. With the aim of facilitating contacts between companies and students who are specialized in the energy field and in particular in LNG, we plan to arrange a dedicated notice board for posting job openings and opportunities for employment, internships and research in the LNG field.

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