Waste collection with self-produced bioLNG also for Contarina

22 Jul 2021 - ConferenzaGNL

Waste collection with self-produced bioLNG also for Contarina

Liquigas and Contarina, a public company for the management of waste in the 49 municipalities adhering to the Priula Basin Council, in the province of Treviso, have signed a project financing agreement aimed at the realization of a circular economy project, which involves the use of LNG and GNC, to feed Contarina’s urban waste collection fleet. In fact, the project envisages the use of biomethane produced by the treatment of the organic fraction at the Trevignano plant for the production of bioLNG.

The agreement provides for the construction of an LNG and CNG storage and supply plant at the Lovadina site, the first step of the agreement with which Contarina intends to evolve its services in a sustainable key, starting from the conversion of 60% of the vehicles to LNG. of its fleet, currently fueled mostly by diesel. In fact, from an environmental point of view, in addition to the environmental advantages (23.6% less of CO2, 98.8% less of SO2 and over 90% less of PM10), the use of organic waste makes it climate neutral the new fuel, if not negative.

The construction of the LNG and CNG storage and dispensing plant, supplied by Vanzetti Engineering and equipped with two reciprocating pumps of the VT-55 series for L-Cng dispensing, a Skid with Artika 160-2S submersible cryogenic pump for supply of LNG, represents the first important step for the conversion of the company fleet, laying the foundations for future use. The new compactors for waste collection will use appropriately adapted Iveco LNG vehicles.

Source: Contarina

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