Ham’s first mobile LNG station in Italy for TPER

15 Dec 2020 - ConferenzaGNL

Ham’s first mobile LNG station in Italy for TPER

A 2020 of firsts for small-scale LNG in Italy. After the first ship-to-ship refueling, the start of bioGNL production already in use by trucks, the first service station in Sicily, the first mobile refueling station in Italy, also entered service in Italy (here the video of the operation refueling).

The vehicle, supplied by HAM Italia, specialized in the supply of these vehicles throughout Europe, where over thirty operate, was requested by TPER, the public transport company of Bologna which has dozens of LNG vehicles in service, made by Scania and more recently by Industria Italiana Autobus (IIA) and 25 others that are about to go online. This refueling method will soon be replaced by a fixed service station in the main TPER bus depot in Bologna.

The HAM mobile station, consisting of an LNG tank positioned on a semi-trailer to which a dispenser has been added, was presented in May 2019 during the fifth ConferenzaGNL and third ExpoGNL held in Naples (photo). Once the LNG content is exhausted, the vehicle is replaced by a full one. The use of mobile LNG refueling vehicles is useful in all areas where LNG trucks become widespread before the availability of fixed stations.

The initiative was presented in a press videoconference, last December 14, organized by TPER to illustrate its strategies for low environmental impact mobility. The meeting was conducted by Giuseppina Gualtieri, President and CEO of the company, which was attended by Aldo Bernardini, CEO of HAM Italia, Giovanni De Filippis, CEO of IIA, Virginio Merola, Mayor of Bologna and the City Metropolitana, Andrea Corsini, Councilor for Mobility and Transport of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Aldo Bernardini, in his speech, recalled the activity of HAM both in the construction of fixed and mobile service stations and in the supply of LNG, and announced the forthcoming availability of bioGNL “the extra step of liquid methane for transport to negative climate impact ”and noted the most recent technological innovations that prevent the loss of climate-altering methane during refueling operations.

Source: TPER https://youtu.be/VpsWbyRo6do

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