German shipowners declare LNG essential for energy transition

15 Nov 2020 - ConferenzaGNL

German shipowners declare LNG essential for energy transition

On the eve of the new Brunsbüttel LNG terminal construction, the German Shipowners’ Association underlined the considerable importance that the LNG infrastructure will play in Germany for the energy evolution of the country.

Commenting on the efforts Germany is making to adapt to the upcoming energy transformation, Ralf Nagel, CEO of the Association said the country needs LNG infrastructure and projects that quickly become a reality, such as the Brunsbüttel terminal, as LNG currently represents the best fuel available on the market that can allow the maritime industry to achieve the environmental objectives set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO); furthermore, large-scale use of alternative “green” gases will also be permitted on the ships in the future.

Regarding the Brunsbüttel LNG terminal, Rolf Brouwer, CEO of German LNG Terminal GmbH, stated that “it is an ambitious and forward-looking infrastructure project because natural gas and LNG will either have a crucial role in the energy evolution of the maritime traffic.” The Terminal will have two special piers: one to manage Q-Max tankers between 120 and 345 meters in length and with a capacity of approx. 265,000 m³ of LNG, while the second will accommodate bunker ships between 70 and 170 meters.

Source: Safety4Sea

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