Pavilion Energy and Gasum to develop a global LNG bunker network

18 Nov 2020 - ConferenzaGNL

Pavilion Energy and Gasum to develop a global LNG bunker network

Recently, Gasum and Pavilion Energy Singapore have agreed to collaborate on the development of a global LNG bunker supply network for their customers in Singapore and Northern Europe, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the partners have agreed to leverage each other’s LNG bunkering infrastructure and supply capabilities, in their respective regions of operations, to provide a global supply chain for their customers.

On  the backstage of a burgeoning industry for LNG as a marine fuel, this partnership combines Pavilion Energy’s pioneering LNG bunkering expertise in Southeast Asia with Gasum’s experience as a premier LNG bunkering  provider in North West Europe.

“Pavilion Energy is thrilled to partner with Gasum and provide customers with a wide supply LNG bunker network for ocean-going vessels sailing between the Far East and Northern Europe,” said Frédéric H. Barnaud, Group CEO of Pavilion Energy, “ and it will bring further momentum to the emergence of a thriving LNG bunkering industry.”

For her part, Johanna Lamminen, CEO of Gasum said: “This partnership underscores our goal of building a worldwide partner network. For our customers this means that we will support them with LNG wherever they are. We are very happy to have Pavilion Energy as a partner in the Far East supporting our shipping customers“.

Source: Offshore Energy

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