Zero emission LNG gun with Ham Italia

29 Oct 2020 - ConferenzaGNL

Zero emission LNG gun with Ham Italia

The Ham Group, pursuing its commitment to achieve the objective of zero emissions of methane into the atmosphere, which is harmful to the environment and climate-changing, has developed a technology, successfully used in recent months in the service stations it builds and now in standard adoption, for the refuelling phase.

The evolution concerns the LNG dispensing “gun” for vehicles, which does not generate emissions when it is disconnected from the connection with the tanks, conveying the liquid methane to the recovery system of the filling station. According to the company “this leads to a double result: zero emissions into the atmosphere and safer refuelling, especially in self-service use”.

The initiative bears witness to the attention of the small scale LNG sector to the environment and the need to reduce methane emissions in land transport as well, even ahead of the indications of the European Commission and the European Council contained in the recently published “Emission Methane Strategy”.

Even though the technologies adopted for the use of liquefied natural gas, at ambient pressure and stored in cryogenic tanks, guarantee intrinsically low emission risks, greater attention must be paid to reducing emissions and the risk of leaks to the minimum technologically possible.

The same commitment is also recorded in the maritime sector, with new solutions for the boil off, the amount of LNG that can return gaseous in tanks, and for the combustion efficiency of engines.

Source: HAM Italia

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