Golar Power and Galileo Technologies to promote micro-LNG solutions in Brazil

26 Aug 2020 - ConferenzaGNL

Golar Power and Galileo Technologies to promote micro-LNG solutions in Brazil

In early July, Golar Power and Galileo Technologies signed an agreement in São Paulo to accelerate the energy transition towards a cleaner energy supply chain with less environmental impact in Brazil by replacing diesel oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and/or heavy fuel oil (HFO) with liquefied natural gas.

This ambitious goal, which is part of the brazilian program Novo Mercado de Gás and considers LNG an economic source with low environmental impact, aims, among other things, to achieve a cleaner standard through the production of liquefied biomethane (Bio-LNG).

The first steps of the collaboration between the two companies concern two orders of Golar Power to Galileo for the supply of two LNG micro-clusters: the first cluster will include two Cryobox ™ LNG production stations, which, connected to a treatment plant of the ZPTS ™ gas, will produce 30 tons/day of LNG next to a mature methane field in the State of Bahia. The second cluster will be installed in São Paulo to capture and liquefy the biomethane from landfill, which will be equipped with a Cryobox Station capable of supplying up to 15 tons/day of bio-LNG.

With these two micro-LNG solutions, Golar Power will exploit the country’s gas resources by exceeding the limits set by the infrastructure of the Brazilian gas network which has only 9,409 km of pipelines, while only 5% of the Brazilian municipalities are served by pipelines.

Thanks to the alliance with Galileo, we will add Bio-LNG to our residential portfolio and liquefied gas, thus offering consumers cheaper and cleaner alternatives than conventional fuels,” said Marcelo Rodrigues, Vice President of Golar Power adding that “the solutions developed by Galileo through modules will help meet demand growth with flexibility, integrating small-scale LNG projects and technologies.

Golar Power Ltd. is a joint venture between Golar LNG Ltd. and Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners which aims to develop, build and manage integrated transport and downstream solutions based on small-scale LNG.

Galileo Technologies is an Argentine company that has been operating in the field of production, transportation and consumption of natural gas, bio-methane and hydrogen since the 1980s.

Source: Galileo Technologies

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