EU funding for 19 LNG projects in the maritime sector

28 Aug 2020 - ConferenzaGNL

EU funding for 19 LNG projects in the maritime sector

The European Union has announced the allocation of € 142 million in funding for 19 projects aimed at the maritime use of LNG in the various Member States, through the conversion of ships capable of using LNG as fuel, as well as the installation of related storage and distribution infrastructures in the ports.

The grants are part of the plan aimed at fostering the economic recovery of the EU announced on 16 July, which provides for contributions of almost 2.2 billion euros relating to 140 strategic transport projects financed through the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility), which should allow to bridge the insufficient transport links in the European continent, reinforcing their sustainability and creating new jobs, as well achieving the climate objectives decided through the European Green Deal. The results of the Connecting Europe Facility call have 11 projects approved in Italy.

In the naval sector, priority will be given to short sea shipping projects based on alternative fuels and the installation of onshore power supplies to reduce emissions from ships docked in ports.

Source: European Commission

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