Roadshow 2020 postponed in autumn

18 Mar 2020 - ConferenzaGNL

Roadshow 2020 postponed in autumn

Initiatives in support of small-scale LNG in Italy do not stop.
The coronavirus emergency required the shift of scheduled events, but promotion and communication of the direct use of liquefied natural gas to the industry goes on.

Press Release (ITAENG) | The health emergency crisis that is affecting Italy obliges Mirumir to postpone the stages of the ConferenzaGNL 2020 Roadshow originally scheduled for March, April, May, June and July.

The decision was made necessary as a result of the crisis that Italy is experiencing and wants to allow the sponsor companies, speakers and all operators in the sector a more serene and fruitful participation, once the emergency is over.

The cycle of itinerant conferences and seminars scheduled for 2020 is divided into two parts: the “LNG for the territory“, which focuses on general scenarios, and the “Insights“, which features events with technical and training content.

The main stages will take place in autumn: it is confirmed the collaboration with OLT Offshore Livorno for the organization of the Italian LNG Summit and the commitment with the Metropolitan City of Genoa and Liguria Region for the International LNG Forum regarding the Euro-Mediterranean corridor and the role of the logistics system of Genoa and Liguria.

ConferenzaGNL will keep up its activity of information, promotion and communication of the main news concerning the direct use of liquefied natural gas, through the website and the periodic newsletter, in collaboration with WEC Italia.

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