Ikea awards LC3 for the use of LNG in transport

18 Feb 2020 - ConferenzaGNL

Ikea awards LC3 for the use of LNG in transport

The Umbrian transport and logistics company LC3 is the first trucking company in the world to receive the title “Iway Well Developed Supplier Unit (IWDSU)“, awarded by Ikea to partners who stand out for their commitment to ethics, safety and the environment. With this award, the Swedish furniture giant has confirmed its desire to strengthen the partnership with the logistics company of Gubbio, which uses LNG to fuel its fleet of trucks, in the context of an integrated vision of sustainable development.

Michele Ambrogi, LC3 President, commented on the Ikea notification “This recognition makes us particularly proud, because it strengthens an already solid link with a company that, like us, aims to improve livability in a logic of sustainable economy. By working together and sharing the same goals, we are not simply a customer and a supplier but growing partners.

In 2014, LC3 was among the first Italian companies to choose LNG as vehicle fuel, actively contributing to a radical reduction of pollutants and with a strong commitment to transforming road transport. LC3 also stood out for having used a liquid nitrogen refrigerated semi-trailer for the first time in Italy. Now the company is ready for the next challenge, biomethane (Bio LNG) produced from agricultural waste or municipal solid waste, which can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 95% compared to diesel.

Source: Ilgiornaledellalogistica.it

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