Avenir LNG slows down in Sardinia and opens to Brasil

6 Dec 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

Avenir LNG slows down in Sardinia and opens to Brasil

According to ConferenzaGNL, Avenir LNG, the world’s leading provider of small-scale maritime transport supplies, has been forced to further delay the supply of its LNG coastal depot under construction in the port of Santa Giusta (Oristano), originally scheduled for next summer/autumn.

Confirmed the completion of the deposit for August 2020, which however will have to remain in stand by for supplies. Avenir already has a 4,500 m3 tanker (with tanks and design supplied by the Italian company Gas and Heat and MES) launched in July 2019, first of four twins. The remaining three are being rapidly built at Keppel Shipyard in Nantong, China.

In Avenir’s strategy, which also sees the participation of 25% each of Golar LNG Ltd and Höegh LNG Holdings Ltd, among the world leaders in the LNG trade, the first tanker should have served in the Mediterranean in support of the Santa Giusta depot with a potential supply platform, the OLT floating regasifier off Livorno.

Unfortunately, regulatory and energy policy uncertainties regarding the configuration of the Sardinian natural gas system, the only non-methanized Italian region, have held back internal demand on the island, making the arrival of the tanker, which now operates on the Asian market, useless.

In these conditions, there is no room for the use of the second tanker, currently being completed, which will also be dedicated to other areas of activity of the Avenir, particularly in South America.

As reported by Globe Newswire, Avenir has announced the start of an industrial collaboration with Golar (which has a dozen FSRUs, floating regasifiers equipped with LNG storage such as OLT) for the development of the small-scale LNG market in Brazil.

The second tanker will then be used to deliver LNG to various Brazilian ports, also offering ship-to-ship refuelling capacity as part of Avenir’s global multi-nodal bunkering solution, which adds to the Colombian and Malaysian nodes the company currently covers, while waiting for the Mediterranean to develop with Sardinia in the centre.

Commenting on the partnership with Avenir LNG, Eduardo Antonello, Managing Director of Golar Power Limited, said: “Access to small-scale tonnage for LNG distribution in Brazil is at the heart of Golar Power’s commitment to the rapidly growing Brazilian LNG market, which is a key part of our strategy. We are pleased to be able to leverage direct access to tonnage through Avenir LNG“.

Source: ConferenzaGNL
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