Sustainable transport, incentives for LNG heavy transport

4 Nov 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

Sustainable transport, incentives for LNG heavy transport

20,000 euros of subsidies for LNG vehicles purchase, among the new measures launched by the government.

Heavy LNG transport are included among the beneficiaries of the three decrees published in the Official Journal No. 250 of 24 October 2019, which allocate, among other measures, 9.5 million for the purchase of alternative traction vehicles.

According to the decree of July 22, 2019, CGN and LNG vehicles weighing 16 tons or more, acquired from the entry into force of the decree until 15 June 2020, can be financed with a contribution of € 20,000. The maximum amount that can be incentivized per single company cannot exceed € 550,000 and it cannot be cumulated with other public subsidies.

The decree dated 11 October 2019 specifies the provisions for implementing the measures, and the procedures for the companies to access the contributions.

Source: Ansa / Quotidiano Energia

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