Ham Group opens two LNG station in Valencia and Murcia, SPAIN

11 Nov 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

Ham Group opens two LNG station in Valencia and Murcia, SPAIN

The Spanish HAM Group, has inaugurated two new LNG service stations in Spain.

The new station of the Valencian Community is located on Calle Cid, Massalfassar, next to the headquarters of the road freight operator Delgo, which has invested in a LNG trucks fleet. This is a geographically strategic position, considering the presence of the V-21 motorway, an access road to the city, important for freight transport to the port of Valencia too, and the proximity to less than 15 minutes of the so-called Mediterranean Motorway (A7), which connects the Mediterranean coast from Algeciras to Barcelona, passing through strategic points of road transport such as Malaga, Alicante, Castellón, Tarragona.  The station is equipped with a double LNG distributor to supply two vehicles simultaneously, and it’s accessible h24, 365 days per year.

The station of Murcia is strategically located too, at Las Torres de Cotilla, on the Highway N-344 which connects Almeria and Valencia, only 5 minutes from the Mediterranean Motorway. In this case we talks about a modern mobile refueling station, with a 60m3 tank, which allows the supply of liquefied natural gas to heavy vehicles.  Opened 365 days a year H24, it enhance the network of HAM’s mobile stations, located throughout the territory to guarantee access to natural gas where supply is difficult.

With the inauguration of the two supply points of Valencia and Murcia, the Group push to 37 its NGV services stations in Spain and European territory.

Source: HAM / Diario de Transporte

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