Kuwait Petroleum Italia (Q8) and Confagricoltura promote bio-LNG

14 Nov 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

Kuwait Petroleum Italia (Q8) and Confagricoltura promote bio-LNG

Kuwait Petroleum Italia (Q8) and Confagricoltura have signed an agreement to optimize the biomethane production chain, with a focus at the bioLNG (liquid biomethane), as renewable energy sources originated from agricultural biomass. The deal has been signed on 6 November by the CEO of Q8, Giuseppe Zappalà, and the vice-president of Confagricoltura, Matteo Lasagna, during Ecomondo, the Rimini fair of industrial and technological innovation for circular economy.

The agreement, that maximizes the use of agriculture by-products in any circular economy scope, and promotes the cooperation for biofuels production, also aims the construction of new biomethane plants and / or the conversion to biomethane of existing biogas plants. These will give value to the entire supply chain, which starting from the agricultural production will reach the distribution of the product at the road sales points.

The partnership will promote the use of advanced biomethane (non-food product), further strengthening both the technological and industrial and agro-energy sectors in Italy. Italian agro-energy sector that for biogas is one of the most relevant worldwide, as the Confagricoltura Vice-Chair Mr. Lasagna point out in the joint press note.

Source:Press release Confagricoltura

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