Open the Europe’s first waterway LNG bunkering station

2 Sep 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

Open the Europe’s first waterway LNG bunkering station

PitPoint.LNG’s LNG tank in Germany’s Port of Cologne was filled with LNG by its partner Prima LNG.

Opened in June, the bunkering station has a capacity up to 200 cubic metres and will be the first permanent location in Europe where barges can refuel with LNG.

While LNG-fuelled barges are now typically supplied using tank trucks, the LNG bunker station offers multiple advantages to the inland shipping sector, said PitPoint.LNG. These include greater flexibility thanks to 24/7 availability and considerably shortened bunker times.

During the station’s construction in April, Jan Willem Drijver, managing director of PitPoint.LNG, stated: “With the construction of this bunker station, we are taking a major step towards realising our goal of facilitating cleaner transport over both roads and waterways.

“This bunker station on the busiest waterway in Europe is an important milestone in the further expansion of the international LNG fuel-station infrastructure.”

The LNG bunker station is part of the European Commission’s plans to realise an LNG infrastructure for roads and waterways.

Source: LNG World News

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