1st public LNG filling station in Baltics, 7th in Finland

29 Aug 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

1st public LNG filling station in Baltics, 7th in Finland

AS Alexela will on Wednesday formally open a liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station at Juri near Tallinn, which is the first public LNG filling station in Estonia and the Baltics.

AS Alexela is an Estonian company primarily active in the energy field. Alexela has a product portfolio consisting of electricity, natural gas, cylinder gas and LNG. The company sells motor fuels via a chain of 105 refueling stations throughout Estonia and operates 37 convenience stores.It is also the first station offering facilities for charging of electric cars, filling up on 95 and 98 octane gasoline, diesel for cars and trucks, as well as filling up on three sorts of car gas — liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG) and LNG — in one place.

Gasum has announced that the Seinäjoki gas filling station has been officially opened in Roves industrial area at Piirturinväylä 1, Finland. This new station will offer environmentally friendly and inexpensive biogas and LNG to heavy-duty road vehicles.

Gasum claims that the number of gas-fuelled vehicles on Finland’s roads is increasing. The company is responding to this demand by expanding its gas filling station network towards the north by opening the new station. The central location of the station supports gas-powered road transport in western Finland and also towards destinations in northern Finland by offering inexpensive and environmentally friendly biogas and natural gas to fuel both cars and heavy-duty vehicles.

Jani Arala, Senior Sales Manager, Traffic, Gasum, said: “The growing gas filling station network offers more and more consumers and businesses the opportunity to reduce their transport emissions. I believe that the new station will result in more and more transport companies operating in South Ostrobothnia introducing environmentally friendly gas-fuelled vehicles in their fleet.

The Managing Director of Huhtala Logistics Oy, Tero Mattila, added: “As forerunners in the logistics sector, we want to be leading the way for cleaner transport and utilise low-emission fuel alternatives as soon as they become available. The use of LNG will reduce our company’s emissions while at the same time the competitive price of the fuel will provide us with a valuable competitive advantage. Our customers are also increasingly interested in low-emission fuel alternatives.

Fonte: Baltic News | LNG Industry

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