New HAM LNG stations in Spain and Switzerland

11 Jul 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

New HAM LNG stations in Spain and Switzerland

The Spanish group HAM recently opened a new LNG service station in Spain and two mobile LNG stations in Switzerland, in collaboration with two well-known European transport and distribution companies.

The new Spanish service station is located on the Villarreal-Onda highway, in the Province of Castellón, near the regional road axis between Villarreal, Onda and Alcora, known as Autovía de la Plana, and the important AP-7 axis which connects the entire Mediterranean coast from the border with France (La Jonquera) to Algeciras, passing through strategic points for transport routes such as Girona, Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Castellón and Valencia.

The Spanish plant was opened in collaboration with NUPPEC Logística SL, a company with an important tradition in the sector of transport, currently structured on three main lines of activity: transport of fruit, bulk clay and ceramic tiles.

The service station, which has a double LNG pump for the supply of liquefied natural gas of two vehicles at a time, is open to the public from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 22:00 and allows the use of any credit or debt card, in addition to the HAM card for professional transporters.

In Switzerland, where LNG service stations did not yet exist despite the maturity of the market and its use in neighbouring European countries, the HAM Group through its two subsidiaries HAM Cryogénica and Vakuum, carried out the design, construction and commissioning of two mobile LNG distribution units, collaborating with the Swiss distribution company Lidl and its transport partners Krummen Kerzers (who will manage the filling stations), KMT and Thurtrans.

The machinery supplied is equipped with a capacity of 40 cubic meters each and a saturation technology that allows the supply of liquefied natural gas to the various brands of trucks on the market.

During the opening ceremony of the LNG mobile stations, Georg Kröll, CEO of Lidl Switzerland, declared himself very satisfied with the inauguration of the first liquid natural gas service stations in the country, considering it an important step towards the company’s sustainability, which also aims to experiment the use of liquefied biogas (bio-LNG) and to supply its stores by 2030 without using fossil fuels.

With the opening of the HAM-NUPPEC Villarreal-Onda service station and the two mobile stations in Switzerland, the HAM Group currently has 39 LNG service stations, both fixed and mobile, distributed throughout Spain and in some parts of Europe .

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