Two new LNG stations opened in Italy

14 Jun 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

Two new LNG stations opened in Italy

In Italy, in the first ten days of June, two new LNG stations were opened to the public.


On Saturday 1st June in the municipality of Sommacampagna (Province of Verona), a new LNG distribution station was inaugurated by Dalla Bernardina F.lli company, specialized in trading of petroleum products and owner of other refuelling points in the Province of Verona.

The plant, with the colours of DB Fuel company, is located on the Circonvallazione Europa, at short distance from the A4 motorway exit of Sommacampagna and five kilometers from the intersection with the A22 del Brennero. The new structure, which for LNG has an 80 cubic meter cistern and two dispensers that can simultaneously supply two heavy vehicles, precedes by a few months a second LNG station that the owner company expects to complete by next August 2019, to Nogarole Rocca (VR) at the entrance into the A22 Highway.

On the sidelines of the event, was held the conference “METANO naturalmente potente” in collaboration with ConferenzaGNL on the issues of natural gas and eco-sustainable transport, which was attended by representatives of Scania, Iveco and Volvo, whose trucks made beautiful display during the inauguration ceremony. Natalino Mori of Transadriatico, who illustrated the logistics of LNG, took part in the work, while Marcello Dalla Bernardina concluded them by drawing attention to the indispensable evolution of service stations as suppliers of a plurality of fuels but also of services for truck drivers, as places of rest and personal services. Satisfaction with the development of modern infrastructures was expressed by the regional transport councilor Elisa De Berti.


The second LNG station, owned by Paceko Srl company of Bergamo, was inaugurated on Saturday 8 June in the Municipality of Agrate Brianza in the Province of Monza/Brianza.

It is sited about 300 meters from the A4 motorway exit, within an area crossed by important communication arteries, where numerous production and logistic facilities are placed.

Able to deliver fuels for all types of vehicles (including electric), the plant is equipped with a 60-ton LNG storage tank and an operative LNG dispenser for heavy vehicles (a second dispenser is already in place), with Liquigas playing the role of LNG supplier; the company is the first operator in the LPG distribution market in Italy and among the earliest to believe in LNG potential and to propose it on the Italian industrial market.

The ceremony saw the presence of Stefano Cantarelli, CEO of Paceko company, Roberto Lambricchi, Lombardy Region Trade Office, Davide Marinoni, Liquigas, Fabrizio Buffa, Gas Business Development Manager IVECO.

In exhibition, parallel to the event, two vehicles of the IVECO alternative driving fleet: a Daily Blue Power CNG, for light commercial vehicles and a Stralis NP 460 for the heavy trucks, made available by the local reference dealer, Tentori Veicoli Industriali. SpA for a refuelling demonstration carried out during the ceremony.

Source: Scania, Iveco, Liquigas

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