First Gasum’s Bio-LNG station in Sweden

22 May 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

First Gasum’s Bio-LNG station in Sweden

The Finnish energy company Gasum recently inaugurated its first liquefied biogas filling station (Bio-LNG) in Sweden.

The distribution station, equipped with both liquefied natural gas and biogas dispensers, was opened on last Monday in Västerås and is the first of its kind in the Swedish county of Västmanland.

Gasum is one of the largest biogas producers in Northern Europe and already owns a biogas production plant in Västerås.

The station, identified as an environmentally sustainable investment, has been partially financed through the Swedish climate investment program Klimatklivet.

Gasum already owns four LNG refueling stations for heavy vehicles in Finland and is planning to build 50 LNG distributors in the Nordic countries.

Source: Gasum

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