LNG stations: Q8 in Bergamo, Tamoil-Snam agreement, Eni’s commitment

21 Mar 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

LNG stations: Q8 in Bergamo, Tamoil-Snam agreement, Eni’s commitment

A new LNG distributor at Q8’s multi-fuel plant has been recently inaugurated, on March 18 2019, in Bergamo in Via Circonvallazione delle Valli.

In addition to the liquid methane for heavy vehicles (LNG) there is also a compressed methane gas dispenser (L-CNG).

With this plant, the development of the Italian network of methane stations goes on and marks the fifth new LNG distributor inaugurated in Italy since the beginning of the year, and the thirteenth distributor of compressed natural gas, a total amount of 1.323 methane distributors at national level.

Tamoil-Snam for new LNG station

On March 20, Tamoil and Snam (through the subsidiary Snam4Mobility) signed a contract to build a first lot of natural gas filling stations on the national territory, promoting the development of sustainable mobility for cars and trucks in Italy.

The agreement provides a partnership between Tamoil and Snam4Mobility for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of a new liquefied and compressed natural gas plant (LNG and L-CNG) within the national network of Tamoil brand distributors and of four new plants of compressed natural gas (CNG).

The contract is part of Snam4Mobility’s initiatives to boost the growth of the CNG and LNG distribution network in Italy, through direct investments and agreements with other operators in the sector.

Eni’s eight stations by 2021

On March 12 Eni was heard by the Production Activities Commission of the Chamber of Deputies as part of the survey on the implementation and adaptation of the National Energy Strategy (SEN 2017) to the new Integrated Energy and Climate Plan for 2030 (PNIEC 2018), whose draft was sent to Brussels in early 2019.

On slide number 14 of the report presented, 8 LNG plants will be built in Italy by 2021 (in addition to the two already active in Piacenza, in Emilia Romagna and Pontedera, in Tuscany). The initiative is one of Eni’s actions for the decarbonisation of its activities illustrated by the representatives of the Company Giuseppe Ricci, chief refining & marketing officer, Luca Cosentino executive vice president – director of energy solutions, Hannelore Rocchio executive vice president – regulatory affairs & strategy support, Alberto Chiarini managing director of ENI gas e luce and Luigi Ciarrocchi executive vice president – italian region director.

Sources: EcomotoriSnam  Eni

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