16 new IVECO LNG tractors to four transport companies in Alto Adige.

6 Mar 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

16 new IVECO LNG tractors to four transport companies in Alto Adige.

Between the last days of January and the end of February 2019, IVECO Gasser GmbH in Bolzano has delivered or sold 16 new IVECO LNG tractors to four different transport companies in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-Alto Adige.

The delivery of the keys of two first Stralis AS440S46T/P LNG took place on 24 January at the site of Schlern Tir, a family-owned transport company, located at the Europark in the industrial area of ​​Bolzano, that owns a fleet of 25 trucks.

According to Walther and Georg Thaler, owners of Schlern Tir,

We have no choice but to drive green trucks. The market is demanding to be sensitive to the environment and Austria, our neighboring country to the north, is restrictive. Furthermore, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a liquefied natural gas truck is not ignored. Although the purchase price is indeed higher, total operating costs have been recalculated 9 percent lesser, significantly lower than a diesel truck.

In February two additional Stralis AS440S46T/P LNG tractors were delivered to the company Cargo Trans Srl of Bolzano, managed by Giuseppe Furlan, while other two Stralis AS440S46T/P LNG were delivered to Bachmann Transport Srl in San Martino, Val Casies (BZ), which has been  the first company in Val Pusteria to travel with LNG vehicles.

Finally, four Stralis AS440S46 T/P LNG were delivered to Gruber Logistics SpA of Ora (BZ), the Bolzano-based company which is also waiting to receive six more Stralis AS440S46 T-FP-LT at LNG, which will be delivered on next April 19. Gruber Logistics will be the first local company to receive the latter version of the Stralis “Grand Volume-Low Tractor” which allows to further improve the reduction of the total cost of the operator (TCO), during its cycle of life, and the environmental balance. 

For all the aforementioned hauliers, LNG can be easily refuelled at the APS Fuel LNG station, strategically located at the Sadobre airport of Campo Trens near Vipiteno (between the A22 motorway and the national road 508), equipped with 12 high-capacity guns distributed over six different lanes capable of serving at least 250 articulated lorries every day.

Source: Gasser

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