Aida Nova in Civitavecchia first full LNG port in the Mediterranean

25 Mar 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

Aida Nova in Civitavecchia first full LNG port in the Mediterranean

Contrary to what we wrote last February 22nd (read here), we apologize to all our readers, Costa Smeralda will not be the first LNG ship to operate in the Mediterranean, but it will be the Aida Nova (Aida Cruises group), by North American Carnival Group.

Aida Nova will be based in Civitavecchia, having adhered to the “Civitavecchia Blue Agreement“, a provision by the Port Authority that takes charge of 60% of the fixed fees of the waste collection service “for all ships that during the approach / departure maneuvers and docking on the quay uses LNG for on-board energy production ”.

Aida Nova, which like its twin Aida Prima operates mainly in the Atlantic and in the seas of Northern Europe, has all the engines that can be fueled with LNG and therefore can only use this fuel both during navigation and in ports, with the consequent significant reduction of polluting emissions greenhouse

The percentage for waste collection service of ships that use LNG in charge of the Authority is reduced to 20% exclusively during docking (with “fueling” operations). This is the case, for example, of the Aida Perla, equipped with only one out of four engine that can use LNG and without a cryogenic tank. LNG must be feulled continuously by a tank truck on the dock.

Port policies that facilitate port operations of LNG ships and therefore their diffusion will be illustrated and discussed in the next fifth International Conference on Small Scale LNG “The Small Scale LNG Use, Euro-Mediterranean Conference & Expo”, promoted by ConferenzaGNL – initiative by Mirumir srl (More Info HERE)

The Aida Nova cruises (6,654 passengers, 2,626 cabins) departing from Civitavecchia will begin next Monday 22 April and will continue every Monday. Last departure on October 28th, the Costa Smeralda will take over from Friday November 8th, and every Friday until December 26th.

The adhesion of Aida and Costa to the “Civitavecchia Blue Agreement” confirms the success of the initiatives for the reduction of emissions and allows the Port of Civitavecchia to maintain a national record in the development of LNG shipping, acquired with the first refueling truck to ship operation of an LNG ship carried out on 16 May 2014 in collaboration with ConferenzaGNL. (Press release ITA).

Source: ConferenzaGNL

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